Moved my blog to GitHub Pages

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It sometimes feels like I post more about my blog itself than actually writing content. But that’s how it is sometimes I guess. :smile:

Tl;dr: I’m moving my blog from to GitHub Pages. is a great platform. However, GitHub is kind of my “home” when it comes to both my hobbies and work. Moving everything to GitHub Pages also brings a more flexibility on how I want my “landing page” on the Internet to look like and contain. I’ve set up my GitHub Pages repo with Jekyll. I use the amazing Minimal Mistakes theme by Michael Rose. By using Jekyll, I don’t need no stinkin’ backend to store my stuff. The whole blog is mine, and I can take it and host it wherever I like. There’s no database to worry about or anything – just markdown (and some yaml for configuration).

For those that are not familiar with Jekyll, it’s a static site generator written in Ruby. I write my posts and pages in markdown, and pages and links are generated by rendering them to HTML. In fact, is, as far as I know, powered by Hugo, another static site generation framework. I’m certainly not a Ruby guy - but thankfully there’s no need to do any Ruby coding – only markdown and yaml.

That’s it for now!

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